Welcome to the Tattoo Convention Coburg - Am Gleis

The Tattoo Convention – Am Gleis will open its doors for the first time in 2024.

The “Alte Pakethalle” at the goods station in Coburg and the outdoor area are a very special location.

On 29. and June 30, 2024 the focus is on tattoos, graffiti and custom cars. Over 100 artists will present their art in the halls. Outside, there will be graffiti at its finest and custom cars to marvel at. Food trucks will be available in the outdoor area for small and large appetites.

If you would like to pick up a tattoo, please contact the artist of your choice and make an appointment. Of course you can also make spontaneous inquiries on site and get an appointment.

Come along and enjoy a nice weekend with us!

29. & June 30, 2024

Hurry Up!